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Our attorneys at P&P Law have extensive experience with all aspects of residential real estate. Whether you are purchasing your first home, are selling and buying simultaneously, or just need real estate representation, P&P Law can give you the edge you need in today's fast-paced and digitized world of real estate.  Below is a basic list of the major real estate areas our office can represent you.  For a more complete review of your individual needs, please call or email our office today.


  • Purchase and Sales (Buyer or Seller);

  • Closing Representation (Buyer or Seller);

  • Lender Representation;

  • Commercial law;

  • Title review and correction;

  • Condominium conversions;

  • Zoning appeals and planning;

  • 1031 exchanges;

  • short sales and 1099 consequences and

  • REO purchases.

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