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Practice Areas

At P&P Law, we choose to focus our practice areas to the following 6 areas of law.  We believe our attorneys have the resources and knowledge suitable to best represent you in these areas.   We also recognize how the these areas of law intersect with each other, and our attorneys have the experience, knowledge and forsight to zealously advocate for you in these specialties of law.  Call us today at 781-246-2000 to schedule an appointment and see why P&P Law is your first choice.

Divorce is a complicated process with lots of chess moves being played on either side.  Do not go it alone.  Whether you are thinking about mediation or litigation, schedule an appointment with P&P Law first.  We have extensive knowledge and experience with the Middlesex and Essex Probate Courts.  Our first hand knowledge and expertise will give you an advantage like no other.

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Child Custody


P&P Law has extensive knowledge with custody fights.  Schedule a free one hour consultation with P&P Law before making any decisions that could affect your rights with your children.  P&P Law can represent you with DCF, chins acions or just everday custody disputes.  With P&P Law on your side, you will feel stronger and much better equipped.  Call us today.

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Whatever your financial situation, P&P Law has the expertise and knowledge to determine the best chapter for your situation (chapter  7, 13 and 11).  If thinking about bankruptcy, or just need to explore your financial situation, call P&P Law now.  With a simple 1 hour consultation, P&P Law can determine the best course of action for your particular needs.

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Wills and Trusts

Take control of your assets by calling P&P Law today.  Our Office will review your financial situation for free and recommend a Will/Trust plan that is best suited for your needs.  Are you a new homeowner?  Just married or a new parent?  Talk to our attorneys who are very well versed in current Federal and Massachusetts estate tax exemptions.  Do not leave your assets susceptable to capture by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Call P&P Law today to schedule your individualized estate plan review.

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Real Estate
  • Buyer Repesentation;

  • Seller Representation and

  • Lender Representation


Whether you are a prospective first time homeowner or a veteran realtor, call P&P Law.  No other law firm will give you the personalized attention needed for the fast paced and digitized real estate market of today.     






Landlord/Tenant Law

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, contact P&P Law prior to entering into a tenancy.  Know your rights per MGL 186.  Know your rights and responsibilities regarding security deposits, statement of conditions, utilities, damage to the unit and other important rental issues.  P&P Law has invaluable knowledge and expertise working with landlords, tenants and the Courts to enforce various portions of Massachusetts' rental laws.   

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