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Generally, there are two types of leases:


  • Tenancy with lease:  A lease tenancy is one in which the landlord and tenant sign a lease for a period of time (1 year, 6 months and etc.).  The landlord can not raise the rent except as stated in the lease and the tenant can not exit it without landlord approval. 


  • Tenancy at Will: A tenancy at Will is a month to month lease which can be a verbal or written agreement.  Either party can terminate the lease by giving the other 30 days notice.   For landlord to raise tenant's rent, landlord only needs to give tenant 30 days notice of the increase, and the amount.


Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, our attorneys have in depth knowledge and litigating experience with all aspects of Massuchetts' Lanlord/Tenant Laws.  As a landlord or tenant, you will be impressed with with our attorneys' knowledge of MGL 186.  We can help guide you through your rights and responsibilities to first and last months rents, security deposits and interest, statements of conditions and other aspects of tenancies.  Our attorneys are also trained to deal with sanitary issues, including habitability, water, heat and other reasons warranting rent witholding.  If you are a lanlord or a tenant, contact our office before making any decisions that could prove costly to you in the future. Call or email us today for a free 60 minute consultation.

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