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Dealing with the complicated issues relating to a divorce is challenging.  Most individuals are in a vulnerable state or just do not know enough about their rights while contemplating divorce, and may not be making decisions in their best interest.  P&P Law has extensive knowledge with all aspects of divorce law. Whether you are dealing with a short term, mid-term or long-term marriage, we have the knowledge and expertise to best represent you through your divorce.  Contact us at 781-246-2000 today to see how we can help.


Massachusetts has two types of divorces:


The 1A divorce (The uncontested divorce): You and your spouse agree on all terms and submit a separation agreement to the court for approval. The uncontested process is cheaper, simpler and quicker but only works if both parties can cooperate and agree on all aspects of their separation agreement.


The 1B divorce (The contested divorce): You and your spouse do not agree to one or all of the issues. If the parties are unable to negotiate a settlement, the issues will be presented to the judge in a trial.  This is the most common type of divorce and usually settles prior to trial.


Our divorce attorneys have experience handling all divorces from the very simple uncontested divorce to the extremely complex contested divorce. If your divorce involves high net worth, significant assets such as multiple properties or a business, or just the division of a marital home, our attorneys' background in real estate in addition to family law puts you at a unique advantage as soon as you hire us.  We can anticipate and represent you in ways other divorce attorneys can not because of our unique practice areas which include real estate and bankruptcy. P&P Law will make sure your property is divided fairly and equitably.  With the financial and emotional well-being of your family on the line, you will appreciate P&P Law's unique skills, and will have a clear advantage over your spouse.   Call P&P Law and schedule an appointmenttoasy  to learn your divorce rights  in the following areas:


  • Alimony, Maintenance and Support  (Rehabilitative, Reimbursement, Transitional, General;

  • Equitable Property Division based on various factors outlined in MGL ch. 208, sec. 34'

  • what are pre-marital versus marital assets;

  • how is a business affected by divorce;business valuations;

  • does a divorce affect my pension or retirement;

  • what happens to real estate including the marital home and

  • child custody and support;


Even if you have already gone through your divorce and think you may need our experienced attorneys to review your situation, you can schedule a free consultation with our office to review the merits of now filing a


  • Modification or

  • Contempt action.


Call or email us today.

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