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At one time or another most people will experience some form of financial difficulty.  Our attorneys at P&P Law are skilled in reviewing your financial situation and recommending action to comprehensively address your situation.  Call us today to schedule your free 60 minute consultation.  We can help you determine if bankruptcy is appropriate for you given your particular situation. 


  • Chapter 7:  This Chapter is for individuals that can either exempt all their assets because they are below means, or have no choice but to liquidate assets.  Chapter 7 can have significant consequences for business owners but for the right individuals, it can also discharge them of significant tax debt. Businesses can also file for chapter 7 protection to liquidate their assets. 

  • Chapter 13: This chapter is a reorganization chapter that helps stop foreclosure on your home, can strip  unsecured liens and even help restructure certain tax obligations. Reorganization plans can range from 36 to 60 months. 

  • Chapter 11:  This chapter is reserved for businesses attempting to reorganize, or for individuals that have $1,000,000.00 or more in secured mortgages.  The process is expensive and complex but can be worthwhile for the appropriate candidates.  Chapter 11 plans can last as long as 11 years andmust adhere to strict accounting standards to the Court. 



Whatever chapter you qualify for, or even if bankruptcy is not your best option, our attorneys can help you explore your best option.  In addition, P&P Law has the unique skills to look beyond just your bankruptcy and advise you on how other important factors listed below, may be affected by bankruptcy:

  • alimony and child support orders;

  • divorce debt;

  • student loans and

  • business owners.


P&P Law is uniquely skilled in all aspects of bankruptcy.  Call or email us today to figure out your best options.




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